How to buy?

At the moment we can buy cars at insurance auctions in the US and UK.

These are primarily (US), (US) and (UK).

If you already have a tank but want parts for it, no problem, we can provide that too. If you choose the car yourself, you save us time and we save you money. Then look at point 2. in the "CAR" column. If you want us to find you a car, see point 1. You can find the part and buy it, or you can send us the part specification and we'll arrange everything else.

To give you an idea, in the US and Canada there are around 200,000 cars a day on the portals mentioned, in the UK you will find around 10,000. In addition to these, we are of course able to arrange the purchase and shipping of cars from private sellers.



1. You choose a car

You choose the car yourself by going to auctions in the US and Canada:,,, or other portals (contact us if these are not enough).

2. Write to us

You tell us what car you are interested in and how much it should cost. We will either tell you to dream about it, or your idea will be realistic and we will find, buy and bring the car to you.

Either way, we'll ask you for a deposit before you buy. We will only ask for a deposit once you have decided that you really want the car. The deposit is 10% of the estimated price of the car and we do not bid on any auction until it is credited to our account.

1. You select and buy the part

You select and buy the part you are interested in. It doesn't matter if it's new or used. Send it to the address we give you.

2. You tell us what part you want

Ideally the product number of the product. If you don't know it, give us the VIN of the car and as accurate a description as possible. We will buy the part against a deposit, but this time at the full price of the part.

If you do not give us the exact part number, we cannot guarantee that the part will fit your car.